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Mineral Testing Laboratory

Deliverying cost-effective, fit-for-purpose metallurgical plants

At Bond, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver cost-effective, fit-for-purpose metallurgical plants.  Using our in-house design, manufacturing and installation capabilities, we can significantly reduce capital project timelines.  This allows our clients projects to reduce the delay between capital spend and project cash flow generation, resulting in higher project NPVs.


One of the unique tools we have at our disposal, is our on-site characterisation facility.  This facility is exclusively available to our clients, which enables shortened turnaround times over traditional metallurgical facilities.

One of the most overlooked engineering tools, is accurate feed characterisation. Through an accurate and thorough understanding of the variability inherent in an ore body, as well as the way various composites generated through mining will react to a flowsheet, it is possible to “right­size” a plant for any given throughput.

Our testwork facility can carry out flowsheet simulation tests on a large number of samples, allowing us to correctly define the operational envelope for the plant.  This in turn eliminates risk from the design and ensures that value-engineering is included from the start.

With our long history of successful plant construction projects, we have developed specific knowledge and capabilities aimed at generating the correct information for our design team.  We are also able to quickly answer any additional questions that may arise during the design/construction process and provide solutions to challenges before the plant is installed.

This in-house test facility allows Bond Equipment to provide an engineering solution you can bank on.

Applying Engineering to Metallurgy

Testwork Capabilities

We have a full range of testwork equipment specifically suited to support our engineering design capabilities.  This includes sample preparation through size reduction and classification, as well as gravity separation (spirals, HHS, etc), Dense Medium Separation (including Ultra High DMS and Ultra-Fine DMS) and Flotation.

Bond also has a range of desktop analytical equipment available, allowing for quick decision making during design testwork, reducing test timelines from months to days.


Our world class facilities and knowledgeable and capable staff, will add value to your next project, and ensure that successful implementation is achieved.

By including testwork as part of our design philosophy, we can de-risk projects, and ensure that we can provide tailor-made solutions that are “right-sized” for your operations. 

With production scale equipment, we can produce accurate plant data and the resultant design parameters, without needing “fudge-factors” to cater for efficiency differences between laboratory and production environments.

This gives us the capability to design and deliver a fit for purpose Mineral Processing Plants 
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