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Dense Medium Separation (DMS) Plants

The DMS process is employed for the pre-concentration of suitable ores upstream from expensive downstream metallurgical processes, and also employs the separation of heavy waste particles (such as metals) from light waste particles.

The DMS process involves the mixing of a pre-prepared ore stream with a dense medium of selected specific gravity (SG) in a mixing box and passing this mixture through a dense medium cyclone (DM cyclone). It is here that separation of the high and low SG fractions of the ore occurs.

Bond Equipment DMS plants.

Bond Equipment modular plants’ throughput capacities are 8, 20, 50, 100 & 150 tons/hour.


Our latest generation modular cyclone DMS plants offer improvement in the following areas:
  • Enhanced dense medium SG control;

  • Improved dense medium plus ore mixing;

  • Economical dense medium recovery;

  • A separate drain and rinse screen for each of the sinks and floats streams for applications with high concentrate mass yields;

  • Deployment of first-class proprietary equipment in our plants e.g. Warman pumps and densifiers, Eriez Magnetics drum magnetic separators, Multotec cyclones and screens, Debex SG controllers and Siemens electrical switchgear.

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