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Conveyors & Structures

Bond Equipment's know-how of bulk materials handling in Mineral Processing Plants is based on solid experience of various materials and all parts of a complete conveying system. Our expertise has gained depth from many references. Continuous product development has resulted in an extensive selection of modular conveyor systems, and you will get all parts and services rapidly and effortlessly from a single source. Bond Equipment conveyors can be adjusted according to your needs thanks to the flexible modular frame construction, bolted connections and standard components.

Fast delivery and quick installation

Complete standard belt conveyors for a typical crushing station can be delivered within 8 - 14 weeks. Site Installation is fast, thanks to modular light-weight structures with standard components and bolted connections, the number of staff and cranage is limited to minimum.

Delivery of endless belt available for short conveyors – no need for time consuming belt splicing at site.

Fully assembled tail and head ends

Head end is fully assembled with geared drive, diamond lagged drive pulley, carving cleaner, inspection hatch, dust enclosure and lubrication piping. Tail end is assembled with tail pulley and appropriate cleaners.

Our Range Features Include:

  • Sizes available in belt width 300–1600mm;

  • Grease lubricated bearings;

  • Rigid structure for fully assembled option delivery;

  • Frame together and supporting legs included;

  • Rubber lagging drive pulley together with replaceable bearing and shaft assembly;

  • Crowned pulleys for better belt alignment;

  • Head and tail ends are fully assembled in our work shop;

  • Loading points designed to suit your specific application (Heavy Duty/Normal Duty);

  • Belt scraper adjustable together with replaceable multiple scraper blades;

  • Self adjusting return belt cleaner with replaceable scraper blades;

  • Impact bars under feed point;

  • Screw belt tightening device for belt conveyors up to 50m;

  • Emergency stop wire system along belt conveyor’s accessible area;

  • Belt rotation detection bracket.

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