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Feeders (Grizzly, Pan & Apron)


​Tough and Robust. Designed to take what miners send without complaint. A typical mineral processing plant feed bin features an overhead grizzly comprising a series of equally spaced parallel bars for the scalping of oversize barren material from the run-of mine ore. However, bin and grizzly installations of this configuration lack throughput capacity and take up much height, which necessitates the installation of a high-feed ramp to access the feed bin.

Bond Equipment has developed a low profile grizzly feeder that removes the need for high-ramp construction.

Bond Equipment low profile grizzly feeders.

Our low profile grizzly feeder comprises a low profile feed bin with underlying heavy-duty belt feeder that discharges the run-of-mine ore onto a high-capacity scalping grizzly of spiked geometry (also called a ‘finger grizzly’). The compact feed bin requires a low-feed ramp and accepts direct feed from dump trucks of up to 40-ton hauling capacity.

The Bond low profile grizzly feeder is able to handle wet and complex run-of-mine ore streams and boasts a throughput capacity of up to 800 tons/hour.

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