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Coal Processing Plants

Water Saving-Environmental Optimisation

Bond Equipment's modular coal processing plants help you realise high process efficiency with low investment, thanks to our flexible design, modular construction, short project implementation time and ease of maintenance.

Bond Equipment designs, manufacturing and installation capabilities encompass a full spectrum of coal preparation services, offering an exceptional one-stop solution for our clients.

The service offered by our highly skilled team includes but is not limited to: 
  • Concept planning and feasibility studies;

  • Engineering and designs which can be tailor made to suit your project requirements.

  • In-house design and process engineering. 

Bond has developed highly efficient modular coal plants that can be adapted to suit any operation.

The benefits of our modular plants are:
  • A cost effective alternative, with faster onsite construction times;

  • Are expandable and allow for easy addition of further modules;

  • Our modules are movable and can be relocated with ease;

  • Compact design and proven technology;

  • They come supplied pre-commissioned from our manufacturing facility, ready with all piping and electricals to plug in and start with production.

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