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Specialists in Mineral Processing Solutions

A different approach to mineral process engineering


A proud legacy

With more than 60 years engineering and manufacturing experience, our capability of providing premium mineral processing plants by far exceeds our competitors on every level.

Bond Equipment offers practical mineral beneficiation solutions to junior, mid-tier and corporate mining houses through the application of our process design, plant design, manufacturing, construction and commissioning acumen. We also design, develop and manufacture process plants with throughput capacities of 10 tons/hour to 700 tons/hour.


Our Vision

Doing it, and doing it right!

From run-of-mine ore to mineral concentrates, unique is the word that epitomises our expertise, execution and most importantly, our ethos as a thriving South African company.

Minerals beneficiation via physical separation techniques is our forte, and providing our clients with customised solutions for their specific mineral beneficiation needs within this domain is what we do, and we do it well!


Mineral Testing

Mineral Testing

At Bond, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver cost-effective, fit-for-purpose metallurgical plants.  Using our in-house design, manufacturing and installation capabilities, we can significantly reduce capital project timelines.  This allows our clients projects to reduce the delay between capital spend and project cash flow generation, resulting in higher project NPVs.


One of the unique tools we have at our disposal, is our on-site characterisation facility.  This facility is exclusively available to our clients, which enables shortened turnaround times over traditional metallurgical facilities.

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